Pirates: Tides of Fortune


Pirates: Tides of Fortune is all about collecting resources so that you, as a Pirate captain, can generate enough troops and technology advancements to expand your forces for offensive action against other player in the in-game quests, and defensive troops so that you can protect your Haven and your Pirate territory.

The game is designed for you to grow and expand your Fleet and its pirate Crew. To do this you must interact with other players and form teams called Brotherhoods. You can also perform military actions and conduct diplomacy and trade.

Whatever you decide your Strategy is – aggressive, defensive, diplomatic, etc. – it will not matter if you lack the ability to command your territory. All facets of the gameplay are intertwined, and whatever you do in one will affect the other parts. If you race for resources, your crew will suffer; if you expand your crew, your technology advancements will likewise suffer. These are the decisions and compromises you will have to make as part of your strategy to become a Pirate Captain in Pirates: Tides of Fortune

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